2011 Canadian Tour Dates

James Maskalyk

I am a physician, and recently returned from a mission in Dadaab, Kenya, the world’s largest and fastest growing refugee camp. When not in the field, I am  assistant professor in emergency medicine at the University of Toronto, and an associate editor at the Open Access medical journal, Open Medicine.  I am the author of the best-selling book “Six Months in Sudan”, which began as a blog detailing MSF’s work in the contested region of Abyei.  

Tyler Foley

I am an east coast boy from Oromocto, New Brunswick and work for MSF as a technical logistician. I spent 9 months in South Sudan last year and will be returning to east Africa after the Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City exhibit. I’m proud to work with such a great organization and excited to help out with the exhibit and help raise awareness in my small part of Canada!

Claudia Lessard

D’abord infirmière et ensuite anthropologue, les domaines qui ont su capter mon attention sont la chirurgie, la santé communautaire, l’épidémiologie, la périnatalité, la santé mentale et la torture sexuelle.

J’ai travaillé aux camps en Guinée, au Rwanda, en République du Congo, au Sri Lanka, au Kenya et j’ai coordonné l’une des premières équipes de réponse médicale suite au tremblement de terre qui a touché Haïti l’an dernier. A l’aide d’exemples concrets, je tenterai de démystifier avec vous la réalité de plus de 43 millions de personnes en refuge sur notre planète. 

Martha Gartley

I work as a Water and Sanitation Specialist with MSF.  I’ve 3 missions under my belt:  9 months in Baraka, DRC; 3 months in Haiti for the cholera emergency; and, most recently, 2 months in Liberia addressing needs associated with the influx of refugees from Côte d’Ivoire.

I’m a civil engineer (McGill), and after working in consulting for several years, I obtained an M.Eng.Sc. (University of Melbourne) to nail the theory behind water and sanitation in developing contexts.  Thereafter I worked on projects in India and Papua New Guinea where my passion for my current work really ignited.

There’s nothing more amazing than working alongside nationals where the fruits of your labour are realized almost instantly.  I feel honoured to be a part of the MSF movement, and wake up every day proud of where I am and what I’m doing.  I’m very excited to be a part of the Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City 2011.

Juliet Donald

I am a clinical psychologist from Sydney, Australia. In 2010, I spent 6 months in Sri Lanka working in a rehabilitation hospital set up by MSF. As the mental health officer, I coordinated a counseling team for victims of the civil war who had suffered a spinal cord injury. More recently in August 2011 I returned from 6 weeks in Tunisia & Libya, where I was responsible for setting up mental health activities in the Libyan town of Zintan. As the psychological coordinator, Juliet implemented psychological activities as the local hospital, as well as mobile clinics to out lying areas. I have experience in working in refugee camps in both Sri Lanka and Tunisia. I currently live in Field, BC and I am very excited to be working in the Refugee Camp in The City. 

Kevin Barlow

Kevin Barlow

Position: General Registered Nurse — Selea, Sudan
School: Graduate of McMaster University BScN
Previous MSF Project: Bangladesh 2005 — Malaria/primary health program
Previous Nursing experience: Canadian North — Moosonee, Attawapiskat
Currently working: St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto
Super Powers (with coffee): Endurance, creativity, teamwork, wise cracks, BS-ing
Weaknesses: Spelling, cooking, romance, organization, tidiness, tactfulness
Side Kick: TBA
Nemesis: none — I don’t believe in evil people, just bad behaviour.


From 2007-2008 I worked with the Northern Corridor Project in the western area of Darfur, Sudan. I have also worked in Mindanao, Philippines in 2009 where I developed and supervised the therapeutic feeding component of the support programs for displaced children.


Griselda (Zelda) Goad

I am originally from the UK, but have been living in Canada for the last two years. I have been working as a nurse for MSF on and off since 2004. In total I have done 7 missions with MSF.  Each mission/country that I have worked in with MSF has offered me different challenges and surprises and I’ve love it!

Claire Vander Linden

I am a Belgian nurse, and first worked for Médecins du Monde in Africa, later working in Japan and China. I first worked for MSF in refugee camps in Hong Kong, then in Guatemala, Cameroon, and East Congo. In the meantime, I migrated to West Australia where I now live a quiet life in the countryside. I participated last year in this event in Melbourne and Adelaide. It was very “eye opening” for a lot of Australians living in a hostile political climate towards refugees. I am very honoured to share this experience with Canadians interested in the plight of refugees.

Nathalie Pambrun

I am a midwife from Winnipeg, and was on a mission in Chad in 2007-2008 helping run the maternity at the hospital on the border of Chad and Sudan where we received many referrals from refugee camps. On my return from Africa I joined the RCIC going west ward and shared my stories from Winnipeg to Vancouver.   I became a mama and am seeing the world in a whole different way since Nuna’s arrival. My commitment to improving maternal and child health is even stronger and I am excited participating in the RCIC!

Marc Forget

I am an MD originally from Montreal, and have been involved with MSF since 2002. I have been a field medic and camp medic in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Haiti. Outside MSF, I have a part-time posting in Northern Quebec. The rest of my time, I spend having fun.